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Sir Paul McCartney

New World Tour - Pontiac Silverdome - June 4, 1993
Sir Paul McCartney - courtesy of Barb and Char.

I was at the Paul McCartney concert at the Silverdome that night - it was fantastic.  I play bass guitar because of this lad from Liverpool.  One of the basses I own is a Hofner which was originally sold by the Selmer of London store.  That bass has a very low serial number stamped on the rear of the headstock, and was made around 1966 or 1967.  I also play a 1978 Rickenbacker 4001 which is similar to one he owns (without the sanding modifications!!!).  What an inspiration.  Thanks for it all Paul.  From the Quarrymen to Johnny and the Moondogs, the Silver Beetles to The Beatles, the fab four rule.  Period.  Sir Paul, if you ever see this site, could you send a photo or two and some kind words?  Cheerio.

McCartney ticket stub. Click to enlarge.
Courtesy of Anni P.

unless you'ld rather take a stroll down Penny Lane first, click here.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards is a founding member of what is arguably the greatest rocknroll band of all time, The Rolling Stones.  He is, first and foremost, a guitar playing genius.  He's also one of the most prolific songwriters (along with his old chum Mick Jagger) of our time.  Richards shares vocals with Jagger, and together with him has written and recorded hundreds of songs. Richards instinctively innovative rhythm playing was instrumental (pun intended) in his being ranked 10th on Rolling Stone Magazine's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" in 2003. wants to thanks Keith and his friends for everything they've done for rocknroll.  Ta-ta old chum, rock on!!!  Photo courtesy of James, MD.

You can't always get what you want...unless you click here for Keith Richards official website...

...or here for The Stones.

Someone in Detroit gets an autograph (lucky stiff)
Keith Richards - guitar, The Rolling Stones

Robert Plant

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Allow me to introduce you to the former frontman of one of rock music's greatest and most influential bands, Led Zeppelin.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Robert Plant.

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Here he is with his band, The Strange Sensations, giving the audience a taste of what it must have been like to hear "The Golden God" deliver one of Zep's classic rockers.

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These photographs were taken by our friend "The Hippie Chick" at the "Joint" inside The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 13, 2002.

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Plant's contribution to the most famous Led Zeppelin track, "Stairway to Heaven," if you're not aware already, was that he wrote the lyrics spontaneously.

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If you're thinkin' "Babe I'm gonna leave you" and you're gonna scram from this site, you might want to visit Robert Plant's official web site by clicking on the link below before you go.  If you do, it's sure you'll be "Rockin' at Midnight" my "Friends."


Since the release of the album "Led Zeppelin IV" on November 8, 1971, which included "Stairway to Heaven," that gigantically huge rock ballad has been played over the airwaves in the U.S/A. more than any other song (read it by clicking on Here's another cool fact: it was never released as a single!!!

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I gotta warn you, you better "Bring it on Home" if you leave this site, 'cos you can also go to Led Zeppelin's official web site if you click the link below.  We're not having a "Communication Breakdown" here, your "Dancin' Days" will have just begun when you visit Zep's site.  (Who comes up with this corny stuff?)


1965 Rolls Royce Phantom V
Photo courtesy of Anni Pirrello
1965 Rolls Royce Phamtom V
Photo courtsey of Anni Pirrello

"A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be."  Jeez, I'll say.  John (Winston) Ono about a legendary working class hero!!!  Here are a couple of pics of Johnny's 1965 Phantom V Rolls Royce which was on display at The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, during the summer of '07.  It was featured in a show called "Rock Star's Cars and Guitars."  Lennon having this costly ride painted in psychedelic colors was as much a sign of the times as it was just plain old personal taste.  He also had a radio-telephone, a custom stereo, a television, a fridge, and a back seat that turned into a bed, installed in it.  This is the actual car, not a replica.  Rock star...not a bad gig if you can get it.  Anyway, John was a very gracious fellow who, as the display explained, let all the other Beatles borrow it whenever they wanted.  As a matter of fact, Lennon also lent it out to some of his other pals, including The Rolling Stones, The Moody Blues, and Bob Dylan.  Let's see: Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Graeme Edge, and Bob Dylan.  Not a bad bunch of lads to lend your Rolls to.  I mean, if they banged it up, they could afford to fix it or replace it!!!  Hmmm, I wonder where the idea for "Baby You Can Drive My Car" came from............hey, click on any pic to see a larger view.

Lennon's Rolls Royce Phantom V
Photo courtesy of Jill and Ettore

To see more about John's psychedelic Rolls, click here

"Concours d'Elegance" - Broadmoor, August 2007
Colin Tierney and John Lennon's White Rolls Royce.

Lou, I have a couple pictures of a John Lennon Rolls that
I took in August '07 at the "Concours d'Elegance" at The
Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The
Lennon Rolls in the pictures is all white.  I don't
know if there was more than one Rolls owned by him, but
the "Concours d'Elegance" is a big time gathering that
appears all around the country, so I hope the car is
authentic!!  Gerry.

"Concours d'Elegance" - Broadmoor, August 2007
Colin Tierney and John Lennon's White Rolls Royce.
"Concours d'Elegance" - Broadmoor, August 2007
Gerry Tierney and John Lennon's White Rolls Royce.

Do any viewers have 
additional info on this white Lennon Rolls Royce?
If so, send it along on the new "Guestbook" page.
You can leave comments and/or suggestions there.


Power trio "The Cream" roll into Detroit, Michigan.
Article by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, October 20, 1967.

The Grande Ballroom - Detroit, Michigan
Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker of Cream, October, 1967

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The Cream
Detroit Free Press article by "Teen Writer" Loraine Alterman

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article to enlarge it

Particular attention should be given
to the ads which appear in the newspaper
to the left.  You may be very surprised
to see who else was playing in the metro
Detroit area around the same time as "The Cream"
did in October, 1967.

Cream, originally formed by Ginger Baker, was comprised of Baker (pictured above) on drums, Jack Bruce on bass guitar and vocals, and Eric Clapton (pictured above) on lead guitar and vocals.  Cream played a three night gig at The Grande Ballroom beginning on Friday, October 13th, continuing on Saturday, October 14th, and concluding on Sunday, October 15th, 1967, with an "all ages" show.

The MC 5 opened for Cream on Friday night, the Saturday night show was opened by The Rationals, and The Apostles opened the show on Sunday.  One handbill was created by Gary Grimshaw for all three shows.

1. Click here for a cool Cream site

2. Click here to view the October 1967 Grande Ballroom concert schedule and Grimshaw handbill

3. Click here to read all about Cream on Wikipedia

Also, check out the "Top 10" 45 rpm singles as
listed by Detroit's three major "AM" radio stations
of the day, CKLW AM 800 and DJ Tom Shannon,
WJLB AM 1400 and DJ Ernie Durham, and WKNR
AM 1300 and DJ Bob Green

Eric Clapton

Click on the picture to enlarge it
Eric Clapton and unidentified man
Here is a cool photo of "Slow Hand" Eric Clapton and an unidentified man, circa 1970's???  Looking at the original photograph, the sign to Clapton's right reads "Raleigh."  We can't determine if this shot was taken in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA) or in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It may be from Pittsburgh because it was submitted by Frankie B. from "the burg."  Thanks for the submission Frank.

Mr. Clapton, if you see this picture and can identify who your buddy is and where and when it was taken, we would appreciate you letting us know.  I hope it's not from the Pittsburgh show that you played on July 5,1974 with Yvonne Elliman.  If you recall that show at Three Rivers Stadium, somebody threw a bottle or something at you from the crowd and hit you in the head with it.  You called them a few "choice words," left the stage for a few moments, then came back out and rocked the crowd.

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr on Good Morning America, June 17, 2005
Click on the picture to enlarge it
Ringo Starr on Good Morning America, June 17, 2005
Click on the picture to enlarge it

Ringo Starr on Good Morning America, June 17, 2005
Click on the picture to enlarge it

Ringo Starr, born Richard Starkey on July 7, 1940, in Liverpool, England, is instantly recognized the world over as the former drummer of the greatest rocknrollband the world has ever known,
The Beatles.  The pictures posted here are from Ringo's appearance on the ABC Television show "Good Morning America," which aired live on June 17, 2005, from New York City, New York.
If ever a legend lived, Ringo Starr is it.  From his days drumming for Rory Storm and The Hurricanes back in early 1960's Hamburg, Germany, and Liverpool, England, through his tumultuous replacement of then Beatles drummer Pete Best, and on to his days as one half of The Beatles rhythm section (along with Beatles bassist Paul McCartney), Ringo Starr remained a charming, funny, and lovable guy.  It's no secret that Ringo was the final piece of the puzzle which, once it was put in place, propelled those four lads from Liverpool into the arms of the world.  He's remained humble throughout it all, and without a doubt, is the best rocknroll drummer of all time.  He's been known to say that he did it all "...with a little help from my friends."
(Photos courtesy of Diane B. from the Motor City)

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