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Hannah Montana - Best of Both Worlds Tour, 2007

Miley Cyrus, best known as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana, was born on November 23, 1992.  She is known the world over as the star of the Disney Channel hit Hannah Montana.  In the pictures below, Miley...uh...Hannah, performs at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday, December 6, 2007.  The opening act was The Jonas Brothers.  Hannah was "OUTSTANDING" according to Jenna, the young lady who submitted these photos.
Come back often to check for additional pictures of Hannah Montana.  Anyone who has young fans of Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana at home is encouraged to have them submit their concert photos to so they can be seen by Hannah herself when she visits the site.  Don't forget to have them include the "who, what, where, when and how" in their story.

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Van Andel Arena - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hannah Montana - December 6, 2007

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Van Andel Arena - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hannah Montana, December 6, 2007.

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Van Andel Arena - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hannah Montana, December 6, 2007.

Click here for info about Hannah Montana

Van Andel Arena - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hannah Montana, December 6, 2007.

Click here for Best of Both Worlds Tour info

Van Andel Arena - Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Jonas Brothers, December 6. 2007

Click here for The Jonas Brothers official myspace page.

The Jonas Brothers are Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas.  Originally hailing from Wyckoff, New Jersey, the brothers have completed two albums: "It's About Time" and "Jonas Brothers," recorded in 2006 and 2007, respectfully.  The Jonas Brothers, pictured at left, opened the show at the Van Andel Arena for Hannah Montana on Thursday, December 6, 2007, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They were met by thunderous applause.

All of the above photos courtesy of Jenna and her mom Deana, and Jenna's aunt "My."  There are more where these came from...come back soon to see 'em.  Thanks Jenna!!!  CoolLaughingKiss

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson - Live
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Jessica Simpson - Live
Click the photo to make it larger and easier to see.

Jessica Simpson at the DTE Energy Music Theatre on Friday, June 25, 2004.  This concert accidentally became her opening show because she ended up in the hospital and was forced to cancel her originally scheduled shows in Rhode Island and New Hampshire.  Her opening act was Ryan Cabrera.  Ryan is from Dallas, Texas, too, just like Jessica.  jmf

Go to Jessica's official website here

Ryan Cabrera - Live
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American Pop-Rock artist Ryan Cabrera was the warm-up act for Jessica.  Visit Ryan's official web site by clicking the link to it.

Kelly Clarkson

The below photographs are of Kelly Clarkson performing live at the DTE Energy Music Theatre, located in Clarkston, Michigan, on Wednesday, August 17, 2005.  The show started at 7:30 p.m.  It was awesome.  jmf.

Kelly Clarkson - Live
Click the photo to make it larger and easier to see.
Kelly Clarkson - Live
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Olivia Newton-John

Multi-Grammy Award winning singer Olivia Newton-John playing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Civic Arena in November, 1982.  In 1981 she recorded and released her mammoth album "Physical," which went double-platinum.  I gotta tell ya, she was, is, and always will be, smokin' hot!!!

Pittsburgh Civic Arena (now the Mellon Arena)
Olivia Newton-John, circa November 1982. As always, click the flic to see it better.

Olivia is right it.

Christopher Cross

Click pic to enlarge it.
Christopher Cross and Art.

Click on the pic to enlarge it.
Pink flamingo bass drum head and several of Christopher's guitars.

Christopher Cross is an incredible guitarist, singer and songwriter.  Remember his pink flamingo logo?  He has received 5 Grammy awards, an Oscar, and a Golden Globe.  His Oscar was for 1 of his 2 USA number 1 hits, "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)."  This was the theme song from the movie of the same name starring Dudley Moore.  "Arthur's Theme" was co-written with music heavy-weights, Burt Bacharach and Carol Bayer Sager.  The other number one hit was "Sailing."  Other Cross hits include "Ride Like The Wind" which went to number 2 in the U.S.  A Christopher Cross concert is a must see event.  His new material is great.  It is obvious he is a perfectionist...a review of his standard contract and rider shows that he requires very specific sound and equipment set-ups, even in the smallest of venues.  This pays real dividends to the audience, especially when he goes acoustic.  One of my personal favorites to hear in an acoustic set is "Think of Laura."  Widely believed to be called "Luke and Laura" and about two "General Hospital" characters, this song is really about the victim of a stray bullet.
Trivia:  Christopher Cross sang BGV's (background vocals) on David Lee Roth's version of "California Girls."  Another song by Cross, "I Was Swept Away," was written for an episode of the 80's television show "Growing Pains." arb

Click the pic to enlarge it.
Christopher Cross live and acoustic.
Click the pic to enlarge it.
Christopher Cross live and electric.

Click here to go to the official web site of Christopher Cross.

David Pack

Mega-hit songs written by David Pack while with Ambrosia include "Biggest Part Of Me" (1980), "You're The Only Woman" (1980), and "How Much I Feel" (1978).  He was co-writer of, "Holdin' On To Yesterday" (1975).

Click here for more on Ambrosia

David Pack
David Pack co-founder, guitarist and main vocalist for the band Ambrosia

Justin Timberlake
Click on the picture to enlarge it
Backstage with Justin Timberlake, 2007

Justin Timberlake, formerly of 'N Sync, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 31, 1981.  He's won 4 Grammy Awards and an Emmy.
Here's Justin backstage on 09-01-2007, at the Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas (Nevada).  This picture was submitted courtesy of Andrea and Bridget (who are pictured here with Justin and other people from the meet and greet).  Bridget won tickets and meet and greet passes from a local radio station in Vegas.  Thanks for sending this great shot in girls.  Hey, are you always that lucky Bridget?

Joe Puerta

Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Joe Puerta and Art

Click here for Joe's official web site

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Joe Puerta is credited with backing vocals on the 1978 album "Time Passages" by Al Stewart.  Also with credits for backing vocals on "Time Passages" is David Pack.  Pack also appears on Al Stewart's 1976 "Year of the Cat"  Both of these Al Stewart albums were produced by Alan Parsons.  Both Pack and Puerta founded Ambrosia (see other pics on  Bassist Puerta also co-founded Bruce Hornsby and the Range.  Alan Parsons was the engineer for Ambrosia's first album and produced their second.  All members of Ambrosia played on the first Alan Parsons Project album.  Puerta and Pack co-wrote the 1975 hit, "Holdin' On to Yesterday..from the LP "Ambrosia."
Photo and story courtesy of Art

Huey Lewis & The News

Backstage with Huey Lewis & The News
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Huey Lewis & The News released their first hit single, "Do You Believe In Love," in 1982.  That song, which was on their second album, entitled "Picture This," reached the # 7 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.  Huey & The News struck serious gold with their third album, "Sports," which was released in 1983.  That album contained the hit singles "Heart And Soul," "I Want A New Drug," "The Heart Of Rock & Roll," "If This Is It," and "Walking On A Thin Line."  The album reached the # 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 7 million copies in the USA alone!!!
Huey Lewis & The News had many, many more hit records than mentioned here.  Check out the links below to see which songs they are.
The Huey Lewis & The News band is (or was) comprised of Huey Lewis on lead vocals and harmonica, Sean Hopper on keyboards and backing vocals, John Pierce on bass (currently), Mario Cipollina on bass and backing vocals (formerly), Bill Gibson on drums, percussion, and backing vocals, Johnny Colla on guitar, sax, and backing vocals, Stef Burns on guitar and backing vocals (currently), Chris Hayes on guitar and backing vocals (formerly), Marvin McFadden on trumpet, Ron Stallings on tenor sax, and Rob Sudduth on tenor and baritone sax.
The above photo was submitted by Kathy.
For more on Huey Lewis & The News, click on the links below.  You can even book them on one of the links!

The Jonas Brothers - Los Angeles, February 2008
The Jonas Brothers backstage with Elise and Lauren
The Jonas Brothers - Los Angeles, February 2008
The Jonas Brothers backstage with Elise and Lauren
The Jonas Brothers

Here are two REALLY lucky young ladies hanging out with The Jonas Brothers at one of their three concerts at The Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California, USA, in early February, 2008.  Elise and Lauren got to experience what it's like to be close to Nick (who's 15), Joe (who's 18), and their older brother Kevin (who's 20).  The Jonas Brothers performed a 90 minute set at each concert, then paused to take some cool photo's, like these two, with a select few of their fans.  Way to go Elise and Lauren!!!
(Pictures submitted courtesy of Michele)

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