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Check out the following blog entry from a new, loyal fan of  We found it surfing the web ourselves!  It's from a blog named "TechBurgh" and was entered on November 23rd, just a few days prior to our Guestbook going on-line.  It made us feel like our site is actually delivering on what it intends to; creatinga forum for all lovers of music to showcase their stuff, past or present, famous or not (not yet, anyway).  So, take a minute to read this blog entry, and if you want, visit the blog at (heck, that's a link to it, right?)  Thanks Kaylynn, you're the best!!!

Photos, Stories, and Rock n Roll…

Posted by: Kaylynn Smith on Friday, November 23rd, 2007

I was surfing craigslist looking at the musicians section in Pittsburgh, and I came across an ad stating, "Grab your ‘15 minutes of fame,’ or more, on this new website." I decided to read through and see what is so great about it.

The ad links to What Bestrocknrollband  offers is an interesting showcase of photos and stories of artists old, new, local, international, etc. What is really awesome about this site is that it has a forum for one to put ones own personal photos and tell the story for each one.

What’s great is that you can put up photos of your own band and link to your own site. So go and get some free publicity. No shame in that, right? I personally think it’s a really cool concept for a website. It’s like a big photo album, blog, and social network all rolled up in one rockin lil package! I definitely recommend it to any music lovers, bands, musicians, etc. Go check it out right now. The site launched on November 4, 2007 and has had over 19,000 hits. I wish them the best of luck, and I know I’m going to go search for some of my photos to email to them right now!