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Mark Arminski

B.B. and Lucille...ahhhh, nothin' like true love!!
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Hashbash Ann Arbor, Michigan 1999 Handbill
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American rock
poster artist

Mark Arminski original handbill
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Here are three original Mark Arminski handbills from various concerts or events.  Arminski is known the world over as an American rock concert poster artist.  Original Arminski pieces, whether in handbill size (8.5" x 4.25") or in poster dimensions, are wonderful works of art.  An extremely cool feature of an original Arminski is that you can actually smell the ink.  Most of his art is 3D and if you wear the 3D glasses...well, you will be amazed and fascinated.  This guy rocks.  Check him out on his official web site by clicking on the link below.  Handbills courtesy of Johnny E.

Grande Ballroom Handbill
The Fugs, The Gang, Ashmollyan Quin, MC5, Fri. & Sat. Nov. 24 & 25.
Somerset Teen Club Handbill
The Gang January 6, Air Speed Indicator January 20, The MC5 February 3.
Grande Ballroom Handbill - Poster
MC5, Sixth Street, Scott Richard Case, The Strange Fate and The Gang March 17th.
BMF Club - Dance A Go Go.
The Gang at Cardinal Mooney K of C Hall, Wednesday, April 6th.

Various handbills and posters from the 1960's.  "The Gang" is featured in each one.  Look through the other band names who are listed.  Some serious Detroit rocknrollbands shared the stage back then.  Two of the handbills are from the legendary Grande Ballroom.  "Uncle" Russ Gibb was the founder and creator of "The Grande," which was located "at the corner of Grand River and Beverly, one block south of Joy," in Detroit.

(Click any handbill to enlarge)

All handbills courtesy of "Donny Hendrix"

To be appearing every Saturday -The Trenton Cellar
The Gang, starting December 4th. 2730 W. Jefferson, Trenton, Mich.

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The Spike Drivers.

Extremely cool handbill featuring "The Spike Drivers."  They were billed as having..." a new and exciting folk rock sound.  They were "Astounding and Mysterious."  Does anyone remember this band?  If so, write to us at and tell us about them.  For those of you who don't, click on the web address below to read a little bit about them.  Handbill submitted courtesy of Bobby Eco.

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The Treez - 1982 - handbill
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The Treez - 1982 - handbill.

Here's a handbill from October 5 & 6, 1982, featuring The Treez at the famous Holiday House in Monroeville, Pa.  The Treez were the successor to Backstreet, with a few changes to the musical lineup.  We know there are other Treez handbills out there...anyone have one?  If so, send it in and we'll put in on the site right away.  This handbill submitted courtesy of Silky.  "Are you a turtle?"

Pittsburgh Music

Handbills from The Eco Collection

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The Amboy Dukes - New Years Eve 1970

Click the pic to enlarge it.
Blood, Sweat & Tears.
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The Amboy Dukes
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Big Brother And The Holding Company with Janis Joplin
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Wilson Mower Pursuit
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John Mayall
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The Byrds
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The Who

Click here for The Grande

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Wayne Cochran, The Rationals

Click here for Gary

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Pacific Gas & Electric Company and The MC 5

Click here for The Graphic Art of Motor City Rock.

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The Youngbloods

Click here for Carl

"Yes sir, I actually have these handbills...authentic."
That e-mail was received from Eco on 
Wed, 12 Dec 2007 at 19:45:23.
My oh my...what slices of history these are!!!  The legendary Grande Ballroom artists Gary Grimshaw and Carl Lundgren were masters at their craft and seem to be the most recognized names of that time.  Many other handbill and poster artists were also commissioned to create handbills and posters for the Grande.  Works by artists Donnie Dope and Bonnie Green are also featured above.  Here, Eco has provided several from his private collection to share with everyone.  If you study them carefully you can get a feel for what the Grande experience was all about.

Jimi Hendrix
plus the Thyme

hi again guys!  here is a pic of a handbill that was passed out at the 5th Dimension in Ann Arbor just prior to Jimi's appearance there.  i was there the weekend before his show and they passed these handbills around.  at that time i was pretty much exclusively into the invasion music and the local Detroit guitar bands like SRC, and the Amboy Dukes, etc.  anyhow i passed on that show, then shortly after that learned who Mr. Hendrix was and have kicked myself ever since.
anyhow, i have related that story to friends over the years always remembering that handbill.  then out of the blue just the other day i am exchanging emails with Ralph Cole and he sends me a few photos and one of them is this handbill.  i only wish i had kept MY copy from back then, but who knew.  (of course Ralph would keep one since he was on the bill.)  anyhow, here is a copy of the photo Ralph sent and if you would like you may feel free to post it somewhere on your terrific site.  i really enjoy your website having been a huge fan of the Detroit Ann Arbor music scene.  i used to hang out with Rick Lober on a regular basis at OCC in Union Lake and later at Farmington Hills, i chatted several times with Ken Bash also at OCC.  i saw Ted hanging out there one day in the student union and ended up chatting with him for quite a while.  he had some very interesting stories about some of the rural northern clubs he had been playing in.  Rick introduced me to the Dukes one night in Brighton when they had a gig at the Bypass.  so say hi to Steve Farmer for me and tell him we met one time in that little tiny club in Brighton.  i remember it so i'm sure he does.  HA HA!  Steve is one of the reasons i HAD to buy an ES335 back then.
to conclude, after all those old days of jawin' and jammin' with some of the terrific folks in that music era i ended up working with Jim Butler in Novi for many years.  he is the one that sent me the link to your site.  so i will shut up now and i apologize for running on.  keep up the great work and i will stay in touch.  if i run across any more memorabilia i will be happy to send it along.  later dudes.
Bill H.

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Jimmy Hendrix at The Fifth Dimension
plus...The Thyme

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