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Apartment 4

Click on the pic to enlarge it.
The Snowball Fight CD release party flyer

Rock/Pop/Bubble Grunge

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Jammin' at the Russell Free Festival '07.

Hey Lou,
    Our band name is Apartment 4.
  We have some music, pics, shows, and a short bio about the band posted on our myspace page.  Let me know if you think we are a good fit for your site and I will post your link on our page.  Here is a poster for our upcoming cd release party and a pic from the Russel Free Festival 07.

P.S. Music Genre, Rock, Pop, or my favorite Bubble Grunge
Thanks for your interest,

    Hey Apartment 4, your music is fresh, new and exciting.  We understand that the release party for your "Snowball Fight" CD, which occurred on December 22nd, was a great success.  Congrats, we hope you sell a million of 'em!  We've linked to your myspace page so all who visit can hear your band and enjoy the sound as much as we do.  Keep rockin' A-4, and let us know how things are progressing with your CD.  Shazam...these guys can jam!!!

Just so everyone knows, Apartment 4 is expected to sign with Static Records in the near future!!!  Way to go Apt. 4, keep us posted on your progress.

Check back for new dates and times.

Click here to check out Apartment 4 on


Click on the pic to enlarge it.
Mike Kudreiko on Lead Guitar and John Cottos on bass..

Robb Roy

Click on the pic to enlarge it.
Mike, Graham and John...remember the good old days.....
Click on the pic to enlarge it.
Graham Strachan on Vocals and John Cottos on bass.

Here are some pics of Robb Roy that I scanned that have graham
the singer from the lordz and robb roy in them.. from a house party my best buddy ronnie d. had in the early 90's, robb roy actually played there..before the neighbors complained cuz it was soo late...(submitted by Julie)

Check out Robb Roy at their official web site

CORRECTION:  These photographs are actually from a Thanksgiving Eve gig Robb Roy played at a club around 4 or 5 years ago (circa 2002) at a club that was attached to Comerica Park, the name of which Julie can't recall.  There are pic's from the house party mentioned above, but we haven't been able to get them posted yet.  We will post them soon.  Does anyone remember the name of the club or if it's still there?
Thanks for letting us know of our mistake Julie, you R.O.C.K. girl!!!

Here's the answer we've been looking for about the name of the club that was attached to Comerica Park, and it was sent in by former Robb Roy lead singer Graham Strachan himself.  Outstanding!
"The club that Robb Roy played in attached to Comerica park was called The Fifth Ave Brewhouse. They closed up almost 2 years ago. The band had some great nights there. Donny, the soundman, is one of the best in town."

Thanks for checkin' out the site and clearing up the mystery Graham.  You guys were awesome!!!


Graham, you're voice is great.
National Ghost is excellent. We
can't wait to get our hands on the
record. I hope you get a chance to
send us some pictures. We'll
get them posted ASAP. Thanks
for the personal e-mail. We're
glad you like the site. Take care,
and keep rockin' brother, Lou.

Hey Lou,
I am in a new project now called National Ghost. We are almost finished with our first record which we will release in early spring.

I also have a website of my own which features some obscure tracks I have done over the years plus some of the commercial vocals I have done for TV and radio.

Keep up the great work. I will try and send some photos along to add to the site.

Graham Strachan
formerly of Robb Roy


SRC bass player, circa 1974
Richard Haddad and Josh. Click on the pic to enlarge it.

   Originally formed by guitar players Gary Quackenbush and Steve Lyman, SRC became one of Detroit's premier rocknroll bands of the late 1960's and early 70's.  After several name changes
(The Fugitives and The Ravins)
Quackenbush and Lyman met Hugh "Jeep" Holland.  Holland was the manager of Discount Records, a record store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was also the booking agent for The Grande Ballroom.  For those of you who don't know, The Grande Ballroom was Detroit's answer to Bill Graham's Fillmore East (which was located in the East Village area of New York City) and Fillmore West (located in San Francisco, California).   Holland would become the manager, or producer, of several monstrously famous local Detroit rocknrollbands, including SRC, The MC5, The Rationals, The Gang, The Amboy Dukes, Thyme, and Bob name a few.
-That kinda sounds like a another story I'm familiar with where a record store manager became the manager of a rocknroll group...hmm, who was that?  Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, it was Brian Epstein and the group was The Beatles.-  Anyways...

   Members of SRC throughout the years included Scott Richardson on vocals, Gary Quackenbush on lead guitar, Glenn Quackenbush on Hammond organ, Steve Lyman on rhythm guitar and vocals, Robin Dale on bass and vocals, and E. G. Clawson on drums.  After Holland began managing the group he decided a lead singer was necessary and began auditioning singers.  Scott Richardson auditioned, and so did another guy who happened to work for Holland at Discount Records.  As history would have it, Richardson was picked to join SRC.  The other guy, named Jimmy Osterberg, had to find his own band.  He did, and he changed his name, too.  You know him today as Iggy Pop and his band as The Stooges.  Pretty cool, huh?
   Continuing where we left off...
SRC bass player Robin Dale was replaced by Al Wilmot, formerly of The Thyme, and Lyman left the group in 1969 before the "Milestones" album (SRC's second) was completed.  Gary Quackenbush left in late 1969 after a tour of the west coast.
   Guitarist Ray Goodman joined in late 1970 and the band recorded "Traveler's Tale," an album which didn't fare well.  Goodman was the next to go, and off he did, to another great Detroit rocknrollband, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.  Then, Gary Quackenbush came back on board, and SRC added Richard Michael "Shemp" Haddad on bass guitar (pictured above).  After Haddad's brief stay, bass guitar duties were taken over by Byron Coons.
   SRC, clinging to one more chance to break into the national spotlight, re-named themselves
Blue Scepter and cut the 45 rpm "Out In The Night," after being dropped by CBS Records in 1971.  Unfortunately, that record didn't gain momentum, and that was the end of the road for SRC.
   As a final note, Richard "Shemp" Haddad was laid to rest after an automobile accident,E. G. Clawson was lost to cancer in the late 1990's, and Al Wilmot passed in 2005.

Click here to hear SCR do "Black Sheep"

Click here to view SCR doing "Heatwave" (recording quality is bad...SRC is great)

Click here for a cool SRC site

...or here for another one

Click here for Gary Quackenbush's official web site

Variety Pack
(734) 397-0413
Variety Pack is a five piece band playing classic rock music in the Detroit area and surrounding suburbs.

TAKE - 2

TAKE ~ 2 delivers Standards, Pop, Country, Folk, Swing, R&B, Blues, Jazz, and Rock music to every audience they meet.  The exceptional musicianship and rare versatility of Paul Nagel and David Valice makes for a great night of live music.  Check them out soon.

Check out the Take-2 calendar of events by clicking here.

TAKE - 2
Paul Nagel and Dave Valice
Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Friday, December 19th

(Paul Solo)

Senior Gig
(Park Place of Warren)

3:30 - 4:30

Wednesday, December 31st
(Paul Solo)

Senior Gig
(Richmond MediLodge)

Thanks for all your support, we appreciate it.

The {edit} Concern
Check them out ............

The {edit} Concern

These are some seriously talented young guys who can flat-out rock.  The band is fronted by the Morrison-esque/Jagger-ish lead singer and guitarist Josh Clemens.  Lightning fast lead guitar riffs are delivered by Eric Pendergrass.  Kick-ass keys are put in your face by Joe Moultrup, who by the way, has pipes of his own and handles the high harmony parts like he ain't even tryin'.  The pounding rhythm section of this band is cemented by Mike Schneider on bass and vocals (he gotta have 15 fingers the way he plays that thing) and the "Human Howitzer" Bobby Jankowski on drums and percussion.  Check them out soon.  They're the real deal!

60's era Detroit rocknrollband business cards
(This is in the Memorabilia section, too, 'cos it's so GREAT!!!)
Click on The Rationals card to enlarge it
1960's era business card of The Rationals

The Rationals official site

Click on the pic to enlarge it
Rear view of The Rationals card.

"Wiki" The Rationals here

The Gang Green business card, circa 1960's
Click on the picture to enlarge it.
The East Side IV business card, circa 1960's
Click on the picture to enlarge it
The Knites of Sound business card, circa 1960's
Click on the picture to enlarge it
The Wrong Doings business card, circa 1960's
Click on the picture to enlarge it
The Bouy's business card, circa 1960's
Click on the picture to enlarge it
TUD business card, circa 1960's
Click on the picture to enlarge it
The Heard business card, circa 1960's
Click on the picture to enlarge it
Detroit rocknroll of the 1960's: The Grande Ballroom, The Hideouts, The BMF's, The Eastown Ballroom (Theatre)...can you dig it?  The Rationals played 'em all.  Check out these cool cards from "back in the day" in the Motor City.  Oh yeah, its was craaaaaaaazy.......
Who can send us some info on the other bands listed here?  By the way, who has a card for The MC5?  "Kick out the jams mother f..kers!!!"
(all cards courtesy of Mark Arminski)

Russ Gibb
(This is also posted in the Links and Memorabilia Sections)

Click for a "Save the Grande" blog.

Russ Gibb Productions
Tom Gaff - "Save The Grande" Click on the pic to enlarge it.

"Save the Grande"

Tom Gaff of Russ Gibb Productions is currently in negotiations with bands  who played Detroit's legendary Grande Ballroom in the 1960's and 70's, hoping to sign them to play at any of a series of benefit concerts to "Save the Grande" Ballroom.  Under the watchful eye of "Uncle Russ" Gibb, founder and creator of the famous Grande, Tom and former Grande MC Dave Miller are masterfully assembling local and national rockers from back in the day...and some from Detroit's current music scene, to play in concert at The Royal Oak Music Theatre.  Money raised by the concerts will be donated to the Chapel Hill Church, who recently bought the building which housed the former rocknroll venue, for its renovation.  Check back for dates and times of the "Save the Grande" concert series.
(Psst...just so you know...Tom is talking to Joe Walsh who said he's in, but only after The Eagles finish their current concert schedule!!!  Cool.)

You can e-mail Tom at to get info, to donate time or money, or if you know a band, or former band member, from "back in the day" who may like to volunteer their time for this rocknroll benefit.

***Click here to send your photos and stories to***