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Hey Lou how have you been?  I am involved in a new Compilation CD project for the Detroit Rock scene. It's listed below!  So I thought you would be a great contact to have pass the info out and see if you can post it on the Rock Page!  We need to link up for a beer or two!  Take care man!  Tom
Detroit Area Rock Artists, want to be part of a great promotion of Detroit rock music?
This is your chance to get your talent noticed.

We have a new CD project going for local Rock Artists / Bands.  This project is designed to promote the great talent we have here in town.  (Other Music Genres will follow soon!)
We are taking applications for artists to submit their original tunes, and if selected you will receive compensation from the sales.  It is free to submit!
You can learn more at the link below, as well as download the application that has full details.
The application Deadline is September 15, 2008.

Best of Luck and Rock on DETROIT!
Thomas W. Young
Audio Recording Engineer

Digital Recording & Graphics Services
Click to go to Sound Graphics web site

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, and Joey Kramer, aka "The Bad Boys from Boston," are commonly referred to that way, but in actuality, none of them are from "Beantown."  Tyler, Perry, and Hamilton originally met around 1969 in a town called Sunapee, in New Hampshire.  It wasn't until 1970 that they formed a band.  Tyler (born Stephen Victor Tallarico) is from Yonkers, New York, Perry is from Hopedale, Massachusetts, and Hamilton is from New London, New Hampshire.  In 1970 the three of them decided to form a band...................Aerosmith was born.

Backstage - Tyler and Tom Sorrells
One-time Detroit WDIV-TV 4 Weatherman, 1995-2000, now at WKMG-TV in Orlando, Fla.
The Demon of Screamin'

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Sammy Hagar

"Just hangin' with a friend" is how Charlie described this great shot.  Thanks to "The Hippie Chick" for sending it in.  Peace and love.

Hangin' out with Sammy backstage
Sammy Hagar and Charlie. Click on the pic to enlarge it.

Just click on the photo of the "REDROCKER" to head to his official website.

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent - Live
Tedly crankin' it out on one of his Gibson Byrdland Guitars. Click the pic to enlarge.

Two tickets to a Nugent concert....$70.00
Five beers for you and a couple wines for your honey....$60.00
The sight of the Inter-galactical, wham-damnied, cranker of chordage Ted Nugent man-handling his Byrdland for God and Country....Priceless.

Two bad to the bone Motor City Madman "weapons"
A pair of Nugents Gibson Byrdlands. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Click here for Nugent's official website:

Click this link to go to Eddie's official site:

Backstage at The Bijou in Toledo, Ohio.
Eddie Money and Rick Nease. Click the picture to enlarge

Hey Don, Looks like a cool site.  The few celebrity encounters I've had - have no photo record.  I'm still playing in two bands....a newly formed classic rock cover band  - The Clatter ( an original band...The Rick Nease Band ( I'm still plugging away.  I'm 46 - and married with 4 kids.  My rock star dreams are long since past - but I think Rick Nease has a shot at some fame.  He's got some great songs.  Last year, I had the opportunity to play a Rick Nease gig - opening for Eddie Money - at Club Bijou down in Toledo.  I had to take off early after the gig - so I didn't get to meet the Money-Man...but Rick chatted with him at length.  Apparently - he could hear our set from his bus - parked outside - so he ducked in to catch the set.  Really enjoyed it.  Here's a pic of Rick & Eddie.  Back in the 80's - when I was in  The Lordz ...another NW Detroit band....we opened for The Plasmatics...and the Little River Band (now there's a broad spectrum!).....but no pix.  I keep trying to get my sister to come to one of your 'Gang' shows.  She used to hang out with The Lourds - back in those days.  She dated Pete and her friend Val used to date Nugent.  I still live in the hood...over by the old "Westside 6".  Take care, Lou .

The Lordz - 1980's Detroit, Michigan.
Graham Strachan, Lou Wysocki, Vic Spicer, Mike Martin, Kevin Kuhlman. Click the pic to enlarge

Click here to view the great "Motor City Rock" page for The Lordz.





John Payne of Asia

Julia and John Payne

John Payne was the lead singer and bassist of Asia from 1992-2006.  During the time Payne was in the band, Asia released over 15 albums. He is also a guitarist, composer and record producer.  He is currently jamming in "Asia Featuring John Payne."


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Greg Arama

Amboy Dukes

Greg Arama, original bass player in The Gang,  and later of the famous Amboy Dukes, is seen here doing what he loved.  Greg was the mastermind behind the great bass line in the Dukes song "Journey to the Center of the Mind."  "Journey" was a #16 hit on the Billboard charts for The Amboy Dukes in 1968.  Tragically, Greg was taken in a motorcycle accident on September 18th, 1979.  He was 29.  Too many of the great pioneers of 60's rock 'n roll were taken from us at an early age.  Imagine the kick-ass jam session there is every day somewhere in the great beyond.....Jim Morrison of The Doors, Janis Joplin of Big Brother and the Holding Company, Jimmy Hendrix, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, Keith Moon of The Who, John Lennon of The Beatles, and unfortunately, many, many others.  That imaginary bands gain on that September day in 1979 was our loss.  Thanks for the bass lesson Greg, you could jam.

Bassist Greg Arama: Gang, Amboy Dukes, Ursa Major
1950 - 1979 (Click on the pic to enlarge)


Greg Arama joined forces with guitarist Dick Wagner (who was originally in The Bossmen and The Frost) and formed Ursa Major.  Only lasting a short while, Ursa Major released one album in 1972, simply entitled: "Ursa Major."   Ursa Major consisted of Greg Arama on bass and vocals, Dick Wagner on guitar and vocals, and Ricky Mangone on drums and vocals.  Also credited on the LP were Al Kooper, Toni Marcus, Paul Prestopino, and Muruga (& his Squeeze drum).  The album was recorded at The Record Plant East in New York City, New York, and was on the RCA label.

Check out Ursa Major here

Click on the pic to enlarge it
Rod Stewart and Donna and Josh, circa early 1970's.

Rod Stewart

ron wood took this pic of rod stewart and we were in it.  donna was talking to ron's girlfriend in england, it was his birthday (June 1) and the party was winding down and he wanted the roll finished so we could have copies when they came back.
(photo and story courtesy of j.e.)

Click here for The Faces official web site

...and here for Rod's official web site

...and here for Ronnie's official web site

Andrea and Bridget back stage with Buckcherry in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click on the pic to enlarge.


Buckcherry 12-15-2007 (Rock)
House of Blues - Las Vegas
Andrea and Bridget
Picked from the crowd to go back stage and meet the band.

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Alice Cooper

Backstage with Alice Coopper circa 1990
Click on the pic to enlarge it
Alice Cooper
Autographed promo shot. Click the pic to enlarge.

Alice Cooper, "Shock Rock" artist extrodinare.  Boa constrictors, chickens, electric name it, he's used it on stage at one time or another!
Hard as it might be to believe, this rocker wasn't named Alice Cooper at birth.  His given name was Vincent Furnier.  But, after being recognized for so long as Alice Cooper, (which was actually the name of his rocknroll band) he decided to legally change his name to "Alice Cooper" in 1974.
Vincent (Alice) started his rocknroll career in a Phoenix, Arizona "lip-sync" band called the The Earwigs when he was a sophomore in high school.  He and his family moved there in the early 1960's from Detroit, Michigan.  The Earwigs morphed into The Spiders once Vincent (Alice) and his band-mates learned to play instruments, and Vincent (Alice) became its lead singer and harmonica player.  The Spiders name changed again in 1966 after a personnel change, this time to The Nazz.  The Nazz moved from Phoenix to Los Angeles in 1967 in hopes of making it big.  Three years, another name change for the band, and a move would have to occur before fame would take hold.
Vincent's (Alice's) "The Nazz" would become "Alice Cooper" in 1968 after learning that American born musician, singer, songwriter and producer, Todd Rundgren, also had a band called The Nazz.
Alice Cooper (the band) moved back to Detroit in 1970, having tired of the California scene.  Hard edged Detroit rocknroll fans embraced them.  Alice Cooper remained in Detroit for the next two years.  It was their home!  Detroit was the perfect fit for Alice Cooper and their wild brand of "shock rock."
Fame finally hit in November of 1970 with the release of the 45 rpm single "I'm Eighteen," which went to # 21 on the Billboard "Hot 100" chart.  The band followed up, in the latter part of 1971, with the 45 rpm "Under My Wheels."  Then came "Be My Lover" in early 1972, "School's Out" in late '72, and 1973's "No More Mr. Nice Guy."  The ballad "Only Women Bleed" was released in 1975.
Alice Cooper (both the man and the band) certainly have forged a place in rocknroll history.  Thanks Alice, you're the man!!!
(Photos courtesy of Kathy)

Cheap Trick

   Cheap Trick is Robin Zander - lead vocals and guitar, Rick Nielson - lead guitar and vocals, Tom Petersson - bass guitar and vocals, and Bun E. Carlos - drums and percussion.  With over 20 albums (including studio recorded and live) to their credit, Cheap Trick has been together since 1972.  They hail from Rockford, Illinois, USA, and are probably most well known for their triple platinum album "At Budokan," which contained their smash hit single, "I Want You To Want Me."  "At Budokan" was recorded live on April 28, 1978, at the Nippon Budokan Arena in Tokyo, Japan, but wasn't released until 1979.
    Cheap Trick is also known for recording the hit singles "Surrender," "Voices," "Dream Police," a cover version of Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel," and their 1988 Billboard Hot 100 # 1 hit ballad "The Flame."
    Known for their outstanding live performances, Cheap Trick has headlined many-a concert, but has also opened shows for the likes of The Kinks, Kiss, Santana, and Queen.
    Without question these guys can rock.
(Photos courtesy of Kathy)

Robin Zander - Cheap Trick
Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Kathy and friends with Cheap Trick
Click on thepicture to enlarge it.
Kathy and friends with Cheap Trick
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

P     B
  a       e
     t         n
Ramshead Onstage - Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Pat Benatar - June 2008 (Click the pic to enlarge it)
Ramshead Onstage - Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Pat Benatar - June 2008 (Click the pic to enlarge it)

Click here for Pat's official web site.

Pat Benatar is a Grammy Award winning rock singer who was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA.  She's a four time Grammy winner who recorded four gold, and six platinum, albums!  Her hit singles include "Heartbreaker," "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," "Love Is A Battlefield," and "We Belong."
Pat's real name is Patricia Mae Andrzejewski.

These photos were taken in June, 2008, from Julia's cell phone camera while she rocked out to Pat at Ramshead Live in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  Thanks Jules, keep 'em comin'.