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Herman's Hermits
Herman's Hermits
Peter Noone singing at the mic.

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Herman's Hermits was an original "British Invasion" rock band who was credited with several hit records in the 1960's, including "I'm Into Something Good," which was their first.  It achieved the highly esteemed No. 1 spot on the British charts, and a strong number 13 in the United States.  The year was 1964.  Two U.S. chart toppers followed: "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter" and "I'm Henry the Eighth I Am."  Photo courtesy of Mr. Arthur.

The Kinks
Formed in 1963, The Kinks were one of the original and most influential "British Invasion" bands.  Their initial line-up consisted of Ray Davies on guitar and vocals, Dave Davies on lead guitar and vocals, Pete Quaife on bass, and Mick Avory on drums.
In 1964, Ray Davies wrote the signature Kinks song "You Really Got Me," which hit the # 1 spot on the UK charts and cracked into the US Top 10 reaching # 7.  Later in 1964 The Kinks released their 4th single, "All Day And All Of The Night," which went to # 2 in the UK and # 7 in the US.  In support of those hit records, The Kinks embarked on an extensive touring cycle throughout the UK and America which, in time, wore on them.  On-stage fights between band members occurred frequently.  At the end of their 1965 summer American tour, they were banned from obtaining American concert permits for the next 4 years by The American Federation Of Musicians.
In 1965 The Kinks wrote the single "A Well Respected Man," and followed it up in 1966 with the summertime chart topping single "Sunny Afternoon."  And in 1970, "Lola" hit the charts in the UK and US.
In 1990, their first year of eligibility, The Kinks were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.  The ceremony took place in New York City.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Ray Davies and John Doe. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

This picture was taken at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York City in 1990.  Ray posed for the camera with John Doe - who we found out rented a tux for the evening and snuck in to the ceremony by posing as a music writer.  His buddy also snuck in, posing as a music photographer.  His buddy, "Mike" snapped this shot.  Great story fellows.  -Names have been changed to protect the innocent.-

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Check out the list of songs written and recorded by The Kinks:
You Really Got Me, All Day And All Of The Night, Tired Of Waiting For You, A Well Respected Man, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, Waterloo Sunset, Days, Village Green Preservation Society, Victoria, Sunny Afternoon, Lola, 20th Century Man, and Come Dancing.